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Company Core Values

Meet the Miami Dream Team of Miami Real Estate

Welcome to The Navarro Group, a knowledgeable, passionate, and enigmatic team of real estate professionals committed to serving the good people of Miami since 2000. Steadfast in our mission to serve our customers will a full assortment of high-end real estate driven services, The Navarro Group is the professional home to some of the most passionate, fierce, and successful real estate brokers and industry experts in all of Miami-Dade county.

At The Navarro Group, we pride ourselves on our customer centered approach to real estate and relationship building. It is our goal to help families either buy the house of their dreams, sell their current home for top dollar, build an impressive investment portfolio, or close on a hot piece of commercial property that will meet their needs. We are driven by our total and unabashed commitment to serving our clients, as well our unshakeable conviction we are helping to change lives.

At The Navarro Group, we adhere to our organizational values and beliefs, and use them to drive us and the work we do every day.

The Navarro Group Beliefs and Values

  • We believe it is our job to be an ally and an advocate for our clients above all else.
  • We value truth, honesty, and transparency between us and our clients in every action, conversation, and decision.
  • We believe in living our lives and conducting ourselves with active integrity in all we do.
  • We value client satisfaction and results over commission and sales numbers.
  • We believe in being an organization of “Yes”. We are committed to finding the “Yes” in every situation – and we will not back down or walk away for any challenge when our client’s needs are on the line.

At The Navarro Group, we are proud to be the home of such a passionate team of real estate professionals. Each and every member of The Navarro Group family is not only a skilled real estate broker, accomplished negotiator, and property expert – we are a client-focused, future-building, investment-driving, and compassionate team of real estate industry advocates ready to put our skills, experience, and connections to work for our customers. When you choose to work with The Navarro Group, you are aligning yourself with the absolute best real estate brokerage team in Miami and beyond.

Welcome to The Navarro Group – where dreams get built and deals get made.