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Bayardo Navarro

Bayardo Navarro combines his background in engineering and expertise in general contracting to craft an experience unmatched in the neighborhoods of Miami. Bayardo and The Navarro Group contribute to their surrounding community through knowledge sharing and multi-faceted service. From business leaders to celebrities. Entrepreneurs to retirees looking to soak up the good life. Influencers to world-class athletes. You name it, Bayardo has worked with them. Bayardo’s passion for brokering incredible real estate deals for his clients is absolutely second-to-none. As one of the most successful real estate brokers in Miami, Florida, and the surrounding region, Bayardo has proudly negotiated, fought for, and closed hundreds of deals for his demanding list of clientele. Bayardo believes each client deserves his undivided attention, unwavering support, and boundless commitment to brokering the absolute best deal on their behalf. Unafraid to put in the extra work and go the extra mile, Bayardo’s impressive list of clients and stellar reviews are a testament to his commitment to over-delivering and tirelessly battling for his clients. He’s scrappy. He’s cunning. He’s relentless. He’s everything you want in your real estate broker.

Byron Navarro

There are two kinds of real estate agents out there: The ones who are passionate about pursuing a family in their dream home, and the ones who are just trying to put a paycheck in their bank account. To Byron Navarro, there is nothing more important than finding the right home or the right price for his clients. Nothing. For Byron, real estate is not just a career or a nine-to-five job that he mindlessly punches the clock day to day: Real estate is his passion, and delivering outstanding results for his clients is his singular mission. From reading the dailies, studying the market, exploring the location, creating strategic partnerships within communities, and seeking professional development opportunities for himself, Byron believes in working tirelessly to deliver the absolute best real estate experience for his clients. Based out of Miami, Florida, Byron joined The Navarro Group to align himself with the most powerful and experienced real estate team on the eastern seaboard. Whether helping a client negotiate a higher selling price on their property or burning the midnight oil countering with multiple offers to ensure his clients get into the house of their dreams, Byron believes in delivering 110% to his clients every minute of every day until they get the outcome they deserve. With experience in every type of real estate transaction, from selling to buying, residential to commercial, and everything in between – Byron delivers sound advice, extensive research, and tenacious negotiating designed to get incredible results for his clients every time. Byron’s extensive knowledge, vast experience, and unparalleled commitment to his clients before, during, and after each real estate transaction is second to none, and he personally guarantees incredible results, superb customer service, and a full commitment to ensure his clients get the deal they desire – every time.

Christopher Alfaro

When it comes to mastering the Miami real estate, Christopher Alfaro has the inside advantage. As a Miami native, Christopher has a real passion for the hometown, a love for the culture, and an impressively expansive understanding of the red-hot real estate market the Magic City is known for. With his time and efforts dedicated towards people rather than the property themselves, Christopher has been helping his clients find the homes of their dreams since 2016. At his core, Christopher understands the transformative power of home ownership. While he has negotiated and closed some impressive deals for investors in high end markets, Christopher remains devoted to his commitment of making homeownership accessible to all people, at all stages of life, and in all circumstances. From the new family looking to purchase their first home, to the single mother who no longer wants to throw away rent money by owning her own condo, to the elderly couple looking to downsize and enjoy their golden years in comfort, or the college students who are hoping to find a safe, comfortable, and affordable rental as they go to school – Christopher has a unique ability to look past the transactional nature of real estate, and instead, connect with his clients on a truly humanistic level. At the end of the day, Christopher is committed to helping his clients in any way possible. Whether he’s helping investors improve their portfolios, negotiating high-stakes commercial deals, or guiding first-time homebuyers, Christopher delivers superior customer service, outstanding experience, and an honest sincerity that is rarely seen in such a cut-throat industry. After serving clients from Homestead, FL to Sunrise, FL, and everywhere in between, Christopher has returned to his hometown of Miami to provide his clients with the expertise, commitment, and dedication that his clients deserve.

Tyler Stanish

Tyler Stanish might have only joined The Navarro Group in 2020, but his incredible attention on to detail, dedicated on to service, and tireless negotation skills combined with this phenomenal customer service has helped him fit in seamlessly.  A 2010 graduate of Belen Jesuit, one of Florida’s most prestigious private instutions of learning, Tyler has the keen intellect, the drive for success, and service-minded compassion that has helped fuel his real estate career. After ten years in the sales, service, and hospitality industry, Tyler is uniquely positioned to be able to read people, negotiate situations, and provide stellar service that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the real estate industry before.  Tyler possesses a rare ability to identify client value in every real estate deal, from residential purchases to commercial leases. His no-nonsense approach to aggressive negotiation delivers remarkable results for his clients and leaves everyone at the table feeling confident and satisfied with their transaction. After years in sales and hospitality, Tyler understands people, their motivations, and how to effectively negotiate on behalf of his clients.  Since joining The Navarro Group team, Tyler has earned a strong reputation for being a relentless advocate for his clients, as well as a fierce tenacity for helping them achieve their real estate goals. Coupling his straightforward, honest, and direct approach with his unrivaled commitment to honesty, integrity, and service, Tyler has helped his clients realize their personal real estate dreams.  As a team member of The Navarro Group, Tyler has earned the respect of his fellow agents by delivering incredible results and outstanding service to his clients. His love for all things real estate is only rivaled by his total commitment to providing outstanding customer service to his clients. Tyler is a dedicated listener and believes in mee ng every need detailed by his clients.